From Glamour magazine: 4 ideas for your eyes

Limited edition Urban Decay four pencil and glitter liner set – $20 at

The June issue of Glamour (page 80) features four great ideas to give your eyes that little extra something for a special night out or formal occasion.

1. Wing your eyeliner with a flick at the outer corners – this will give you that sexy cateye look. Try a 1/8″ line to start and go bolder and longer if you get braver with this look.

2. Fake eyelashes – some of my favorite beauty bloggers highly recommend the Ardell brand which you can pick up at any drugstore. They swear it’s easy, but I’ve never mastered them.

3.  Fill in your brows lightly with tiny pencil strokes for an instant lift - I recently tried this and CAN’T BELIEVE how polished it makes you look.

4. Trace gold sparkle liner on top of whatever you’ve already got on – the Urban Decay sparkle liner in the above photo is gorgeous and isn’t at all stripper-ish when applied on top of black liner on your upper lid.

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4 Responses to From Glamour magazine: 4 ideas for your eyes

  1. dogearedandwellread says:

    Having over-plucked my eyebrows in college, to the point where they never recovered, brow pencil is one of my essentials. If I don’t have time for full make-up, I feel like some pressed powder, brow pencil, and mascara make me look so much better than just a bare face.

    • polkadotglam says:

      The brow pencil is useful also when you overpluck one of your brows and instead of overplucking the other, you can use it to fill in any gaps. I agree with your comment that brows and lashes are what you really need to emphasize to look put together with minimal effort – that and a swipe of lipsgloss.

  2. Erin says:

    I’ve never tried a brow pencil and just may give it a whirl! Thanks.

  3. Candice says:

    Brow powder works really well! I’m a natural blonde, and I use my Benefit Brow Zings every day, to make them an auburn brown color like my hair!! I think it looks more natural than an eyebrow pencil, and it lasts FOREVER!! I always tell my clients, imagine having a very expensive painting on your wall- with no picture frame! Think of your eyebrows as the “frame” to your eyes- even if you don’t do anything else with your makeup- filling in those brows will instantly give you a well put together look! <3

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