Red Nails are Tres Chic, N’est-ce pas?

Revlon Red - for warm skin tones


Revlon Cherries in the Snow - for cool skin tones

The French do classic feminine better than anyone on earth and nothing screams femme fatale more than chic red nails. A makeup artist and native of France, Laura Mercier recently told Women’s Health that French women do their own manicures where they start the process by first soaking their hands in warm water with lemon juice. The lemon rids the nails of any yellow stains that a red polish would leave behind – plus the citric acid is an amazing exfoliator.

To pull off red nails, you need to find the right shade for your skintone. As someone with cool tones, I would look awful in Revlon Red (a yellow-red) pictured above, but the blue-red Cherries in the Snow is perfect on me. Revlon nail polishes are typically under $5. The ones pictured are $4.79 from

For all things chic and French, check out one of my favorite bloggers

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One Response to Red Nails are Tres Chic, N’est-ce pas?

  1. Jenn says:

    OPI’s I’m Not Really A Waitress is by far my fave red out there. I have it on my toes now and probably will for the most of the summer. It just goes with everything.

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