My Dream Set-up

Do you remember when Victoria’s Secret dressing rooms used to have that striped pink wallpaper? It was a two toned pink, super girly and so pretty. If I could get my hands on that, and if I ever had a big enough house, I would outfit an entire room in it and make it my “dressing/make-up room.”

What prompted this post was stumbling upon this mirror.

Oh how this puts my little Jerdon mirror to shame...

I saw this and a choir of angels began to sing.

This mirror would complete my dream room. I’ve always loved the lighted mirrors at Sephora, but this blows those out of the water – and it comes in pink! (plus grey, black and off white) Unfortunately, for $349, it’s not happening. I probably should pay car insurance for the quarter right? Right. But it’s fun to dream!

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One Response to My Dream Set-up

  1. Your post made me smile, I love your way with words. And yes, I remember those Victoria’s Secret dressing rooms. That whole girly, sexy over the top glam helped inspire the design of the mirrors to begin with. And I fought hard for the pink, because I knew there had to be other girly girls who would love a pink lighted makeup mirror.

    We realize that this is a luxury product and that there are lots of gorgeous choices available at every price point. But just to let you know what goes into our pricing, we use high quality salon grade materials, the highest quality thick mirrors for true reflection and of course, the true white bulbs that photographers love.

    On a different note, I’ve also wanted a whole vanity dressing room too! It was so fun to have worked on Kim Kardashian’s uber glam dressing room in her new Beverly Hills home (check back on our blog later to see the pics) but I made the Broadway Table Top Vanity mirror so every gal would have the option to at least turn a corner of a room into her own dressing station.

    At any rate, thanks for mentioning us and we love your pink, girly, polka dotted point of view on all things pretty


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