Beauty Accident Leaves PolkaDot in Stitches

Yep, you read that right. I had a beauty accident that sent me to the ER last night. After washing my face (so that leftover makeup doesn’t stretch out my pores and make me break out the next day) I reached for a cotton ball so that I could tone with witch hazel. Well I dropped the glass lid shattering it and the next thing I knew, my foot was gushing blood. It all seemed to have happened in a split second – very surreal.

Mr. PolkaDot was wonderful in taking me to the ER and letting me squeeze his hand when the needle was put in my foot to numb it.  I was pretty proud when the nurse practitioner told me I was “tough” for not screaming.

So now I hop around on one foot (what a workout let me tell you!) and am hoping to heal fast. Instead of foundation, blush and eyeshadow, my current essentials include, gauze, Neosporin and anti-inflammatories. LOL

I wanted to do photos and a full review of some brushes I bought on sale at AC Moore for $11 total that have the potential to be awesome. But I don’t have it in me to do any reviews or in depth stories right now, I hope over the next few days as I’m on the mend, to still throw out my favorite tips or any other fun discoveries.

Here are my two tidbits for today:

1.)  Use code MACMONDAY for free overnight shipping today only from MAC. You still have until midnight!

2.)  In my sedentary state, I’ve been playing on the ‘net and found a great new beauty blog:

The author focuses on drugstore brand items of value and offers plenty of reviews and dupe possibilities.

In the meantime, if you have full use of both feet, take a moment to fully appreciate that as I didn’t before yesterday! Smooches!  ~PolkaDot

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One Response to Beauty Accident Leaves PolkaDot in Stitches

  1. blogmella says:

    OMG! Get well soon!

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