Get More Staying Power and Better Coverage from Your Mineral Makeup

I had heard many months ago (I don’t recall the source) that you could apply mineral makeup with a moistened brush for better coverage and a more airbrushed look. Two days ago I felt inspired to try this technique with terrific results!

MAC Fix+, L'Oreal Bare Naturale, Coastal Scents Mini-Kabuki and Bare Minerals

I felt like I would want more control from a dense brush, so I used my Coastal Scents Kabuki On a Stick ($5.95) brush with my Bare Minerals foundation in light. The results were amazing – gorgeous, long lasting coverage, less shinyness throughout the day and I didn’t need as much concealer as usual. Best of all, I felt like I actually used less makeup than usual, which is great because Bare Minerals ain’t cheap. All I did was apply two squirts of the MAC Fix+ ($19) to my brush and buffed the makeup on.

The next day I tried it with L’Oreal’s Bare Naturale mineral makeup. I sprayed the brush it comes with twice but was only able to cover my forehead and half a cheek before I had to squirt again and apply more makeup. While I had to use more makeup and Fix+, I got the same gorgeous wear, decreased shine and staying power that I did when I used Bare Minerals.

I know you can try this with water as well – it will give you better coverage, (be sure to slightly dampen the brush, not soak it) but I really think the Fix+ is what’s helping my makeup stay fresh looking all day. This technique makes mineral makeup go on creamy and gives you heavier, yet natural looking coverage.

Try this – I think you’ll love the results. I’d love to hear how it turned out for you!

Smooches!  ~PolkaDot

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One Response to Get More Staying Power and Better Coverage from Your Mineral Makeup

  1. Sooz says:

    mac fix seems like a great product, unfortunately i’m caffeine sensitive and can’t use it (it has green tea in it). this sounds like a great idea though, i will try it with water, thanks!

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