PolkaDot’s Gross Start Into Beauty

Notice this is going under the “Rambling” category…

So picture it: I’m like 7 years old, wandering outside during recess when what do I see on the ground? A used, gross frosty pink ’80s perfect Wet ‘N Wild lipstick to call my own. Yes, I swiped this germy lipstick and treasured it like it was the Hope Diamond. See, Mama PolkaDot was kind of strict and wouldn’t allow me to even paint my toes or even pretend play with makeup. A half hour hit of Lysol wouldn’t have rid that thing of heaven only knows what was on it, but it was a covert victory and the start of a lifelong love affair of all things beauty and girlie. 

The end.

Smooches!   ~ PolkaDot

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I have more blessings than any one person deserves.
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One Response to PolkaDot’s Gross Start Into Beauty

  1. Mariasol says:

    I wasn’t allowed to paint my nails either and when I turned 14 my mom let me curl my eyelashes with a spoon and coat them in a little vaseline…and a dab on my lips. That was my first encounter with “makeup”. =)

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