My silly indulgence

Part of the lipgloss collection


A while back (my apologies for the delay) ctkathy asked me how many lipglosses I owned, which prompted me to snap this picture of my lipgloss/lipstick makeup drawer. It would appear as though there are about 20 glosses, 10 lipsticks and a few pencils. Even though I snapped this picture weeks ago, something stopped me from posting the answer to ctkathy’s question immediately. Over the next few weeks, I discovered the various glosses I hoard in my purse, car, bathroom, and desk drawer at work, more than double my original estimate of 30 lip items.
At first I felt sort of ridiculous, but then I realized it’s not like they’re YSL or Dior glosses at $30 a pop – most of them are NYX or Maybelline that I got on sale at CVS or ULTA or even the occasional Dollar Store gloss. And this is one of the few indulgences I allow myself. Having said this, I give you permission to enjoy whatever your silly indulgence may be, because if it makes you happy and isn’t hurting anyone, then why not?
Smooches!  ~PolkaDot
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I have more blessings than any one person deserves.
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One Response to My silly indulgence

  1. I stumbled across your blog when I did a google search for leopard print flats. I saw this post about lip gloss–and I can definitely appreciate your collection! You can NEVER have too much lip gloss! Anyways, I was wondering if you had ever heard/tried Artistry’s Light Up Lip Gloss. YouTube it–it was on the Today Show with Kathy Lee and Miss America uses it too. LOVE it in champagne.
    Now back to my search for leopard print flats! :o) Have a great day!

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