Nail Biting – The Quest to STOP

I think I’ve mentioned before my lifelong penchant for nail-biting and my struggles with it. Sometimes I can just stop cold turkey for a few months, but a stressful situation will no doubt drive me back to gnawing. Ugh. Well, I have a special event coming up and yes, I could just get acrylics or gel nails, but I don’t want the expense, upkeep or artificial look. So I’ve challenged myself to just stop now so that by then I will have presentable hands.

In my quest to stop this awful habit, I researched a product to help me, (because heaven knows I can’t do this on my own) and I found Mavala STOP on Amazon with lots of rave reviews. For $10, plus $2 shipping, it’s way cheaper than $50 + tip gel nails.
It arrived yesterday so painted it on at the end of the day. It dried quickly so I decided to try a nibble to see if the taste would be enough to stop me from gnawing – what a regretful decision that was. The taste I was met with can only be described as Liquid Plumber+vinegar+battery acid+antifreeze from 1914. FOUL.

Today, after a morning of showering and several hand washings, the gross taste hasn’t faded, although reapplying once a day will be a good idea. If this aversion therapy is the key to having nice nails, I’ll stay with it. Stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

*Please note that I just can’t post a picture of my nails now because they are just that embarrassing…

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3 Responses to Nail Biting – The Quest to STOP

  1. Wholesale says:

    Sounds like an effective product haha. Although I’d hate to accidentally taste it if i’m eating popcorn or whatever.

  2. Kari says:

    I too have a huge nail biting habit….keep us posted, if it works for you it may work for me. I have tried the store bought kind and although foul to some, it tastes like bananas to me! :)

  3. kpsays says:

    I can so relate. I bit my nails til they bled until my teen years. I finally decided to stop (long story). I now have long, beautiful, healthy nails, but I bit the sides/cuticles. It’s a nervous habit. I wish I could stop that, but as long as I’m not gnawing on my nails, I consider it progress. Wish you luck hun. It’s a hard nervous habit to overcome.

    Get on Bloglovin please ;)

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